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How Is BASI Pilates Different?

How Is A Career In BASI Pilates Different?

by Admin ‎ 13 Jun 2022

Those seeking a lifelong career in Pilates should enroll in BASI Standard Apparatus Programs. The purpose of these courses is to impart a comprehensive understanding of The Pilates Method and to enable students to become expert Pilates instructors. Additionally, these courses are designed to provide a solid foundation in Pilates principles and practice, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the body's movements.

BASI Standard Apparatus Programs are offered at various training centers throughout the United States and Canada. Each program has its own unique requirements for admission, but all programs require that students have graduated from a BASI Pilates Mat Program or have equivalent experience.

There are many advantages to becoming a BASI Pilates instructor. The following list provides some information about the advantages of becoming a BASI-certified instructor:

• The world’s most respected certification

• Exclusive access to hundreds of Pilates studios across North America

• A comprehensive education on The Pilates Method with an emphasis on anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and kinesiology

• A career path that offers opportunities for advancement in education, skill development, and business management

There are many ways to learn more about Pilates, so you should find one that fits your lifestyle and schedule. Make sure you take advantage of any opportunity to attend a workshop or seminar with an experienced teacher or trainer who has knowledge and experience in teaching the Pilates method as developed by Joseph H. Pilates himself!

Click here for more information on BASI Pilates Systems

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How Is BASI Pilates Different?

How Is BASI Pilates Different?

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