120% Price Match

RecovAthlete's 120% Price Match Guarantee: Shop With Unmatched Confidence

At RecovAthlete, we are dedicated to supporting your health and fitness journey, and ensuring you receive the best value for your purchases. Our 120% Price Match Guarantee reflects this commitment, providing you with unmatched assurance.

How Our 120% Price Match Guarantee Works:

  1. 60-Day Window: If you find an identical item advertised at a lower price by a competitor within 60 days of your purchase, we will match it.
  2. Beyond Matching: We don't just match the lower price; we also give you an additional 20% of the competitor's price.
  3. Currency Consistency: The comparison must be in the same currency as your original purchase for fairness.

Detailed Terms and Conditions:

  • Product Eligibility: This guarantee applies to identical products (same manufacturer, model, features, and SKU Style Number) and from authorized dealers.
  • Price Verification: We base our comparison on the total verifiable selling price, excluding taxes. Shipping and handling are considered, especially when RecovAthlete offers free shipping.
  • Fairness in Comparison: Our team ensures each price match claim is valid and fair.

Exclusions to Note:

  • Secondary Market and Used Items: Excludes prices from secondary sellers, and used or refurbished items.
  • Non-Public Offers: Excludes wholesale, dealer, contract, and below-wholesale cost pricing.
  • Special Sales Events: Excludes pricing from sales, flash sales, promotions, closeouts, and clearance events.
  • Combination with Other Offers: Cannot be combined with other RecovAthlete offers, discounts, or promotions.

Our Ethical Pricing Pledge: We commit to never selling products below cost, ensuring quality and fairness.

Submitting Your Price Match Claim:

  • Gather Evidence: Collect the competitor's advertisement or written quote.
  • Provide Details: Include your contact information, order number, and product specifics.
  • Claim Process: Submit your claim via our Contact Us page: RecovAthlete Contact Us.

Patience with Processing: Please allow up to six weeks for refund processing. Our 120% Price Match Guarantee is our promise to you that shopping at RecovAthlete means always getting the best value.