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What is Reformer Pilates?

What is Reformer Pilates?

by Alok Kumar 10 Jul 2020


The reformer is a machine which consists of a sliding carriage with springs, bars and straps. Invented by Joseph Pilates nearly 100 years ago for bedridden soldiers during the first world war, it is not just another fitness fad but a remarkable piece of equipment. The reformer is also very versatile. You can lie, kneel and stand on it and adjust the tension of the springs to different levels to create the ultimate workout.

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The reformer allows your body to move through a full range of motion, something which can be difficult on a mat alone.  The springs and footbar on the reformer are also adjustable. This means that exercises can be adapted for different body sizes and different skill levels.  Your Pilates teacher can help you make all the necessary adjustments to suit you. You can work out on the reformer in either group classes or privately.

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The reformer gives you all the benefits of mat pilates and more. The springs and pulleys on the reformer give you far more resistance than you can achieve with just your body weight on a mat. This helps to improve posture, overall strength and flexibility. You will look and feel taller as a result. The resistance also gives you constant feedback, allowing you to feel the muscles in your arms and legs working through the springs and pulleys. With consistent practise, you will notice better definition in your arms, legs and butt.

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The reformer promotes focusing on your body as you exercise, which makes it difficult to think about anything other than what you are doing. The ultimate mind/body experience without even realising this is what is happening! To sum it all up, the Reformer complements the way your body moves while correcting faulty movement. By supporting your body with a solid framework to move from, then supporting and resisting it along the way, the reformer ultimately helps to give you the best body possible.

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