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Pilates Machine

Types of Pilates Machines

by Alok Kumar 23 Aug 2022

If you are looking for an effective fully body workout, Pilates could be an amazing option. Various studies have proven the effectiveness of Pilates in pain and depression, particularly back pain. 

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates, the person behind Pilates, originally termed his ground-breaking methodology "Contrology." His groundbreaking book Return to Life Through Contrology actually bore this name.

Pilates is currently pursued in a wide variety of forms, and the technique and exercises have changed significantly as anatomical, physiological, kinesiological, and medical science have progressed. The fundamental ideas and beliefs that Joseph Pilates taught more than 90 years ago, however, remain the cornerstone of all Pilates styles and schools.

When it comes to getting the best results out of Pilates exercises, relying on a Pilates machine is undoubtedly the best way to go forward. There are different types of Pilates machines for sale available in the market from Megaformer Pilates to Lagree Fitness Microformer. In the following part of this post, let’s get to know some of the most popular Pilates machines.

The Pilates Chair

The Pilates chair, also known as the "Wunda chair," was created as a convertible armchair that could be swiftly and simply converted into a useful workout station. The chair was made to be small on purpose because it needed to fit into a New York flat with limited room. Unlike the present version of the chair, which has many additional features such as handles, split pedals, and in certain designs, a high back alignment plate, the original form of the chair merely included a seat, pedal, and springs.

The chair is composed of wood, just like the majority of the Pilates equipment, and the seat and pedal are typically padded with leather or vinyl. The springs, which are attached to the pedal to produce resistance in a downward motion, can typically be changed to add or subtract stress. It is considerably simpler to change the resistance on the pedal because the spring mechanics are a little more advanced than in earlier designs.

Pilates Machine

The Pilates Reformer

One of the first pieces of equipment that Joseph Pilates created while imprisoned during the First World War was the reformer. Pilates used the reformer, which was first built from an old bed frame and springs, to aid in the recovery of civilians and soldiers who had suffered battle injuries and the flu epidemic.

Still resembling a wooden bed frame with a sliding carriage, the commercial-grade reformer has that appearance. It uses a spring mechanism to generate horizontal resistance, which can be utilized to adjust how difficult a workout is. The springs frequently have various tension levels, and these can be changed by adding and removing springs.

The Cadillac Reformer

Untrained eyes might mistake the Cadillac, which is undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing piece of Pilates equipment, for a larger reformer. Although both pieces of apparatus resemble a four-poster bed frame, the Cadillac is often much larger and lacks the reformer's movable carriage. The many bars and handles that are suspended from the Cadillac are also supported by a sizable frame that surrounds it. The Cadillac might really be referred to as the "trapeze table" in some Pilates circles.

The Trapeze

The part of the Cadillac dangling from the Cadillac's horizontal bars is called the trapeze. In order to give the trapeze the attention it deserves, we've chosen to discuss it separately from the Cadillac. A frame that fits reformers and light-duty Cadillacs allows for trapeze conversion. These are, however, typically less stable than a specially designed Cadillac.

Joseph Pilates' passion for gymnastics, which he inherited from his father Heinrich Friedrich Pilates, a gymnast, is thought to have inspired and impacted the trapeze.

The Conclusion

If you want to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle while enjoying impressive health, there is nothing better than choosing one of these Pilates machines for sale. These machines support better flexibility during body movement. So, invest in a high-quality machine to get the best results.
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