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The 10 best Home Pilates Reformers

by Prateek Godika 10 Mar 2023

Find out how we do it. When you purchase from these links we can earn commissions. This Pilates Reformer provides intense bodywork focused on slow and small movements that require minimal effort. This machine is designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance. Rachel Troesch, NAMS CPT, a fitness trainer at Lifetime, advises looking at high-quality craftsmanship and a comfortable carriage with a comfortable footbed.

These Pilates Reformers Will Really Upgrade Your Home Workouts

FreshSplashGetty Images This article was revised by our team in June 2022 and added details on each feature. If you are looking to improve flexibility, strength or build muscle it might be an excellent workout. You might put together some mats for starting. However, if you are more experienced or don't have time to attend classes because of the epidemic, it may be worth investing in your home Pilates Reformer.

Balanced Body to Lagree Fitness

What is a Pilates machine that works well on your body? New Pilates reformer machines designed specifically for domestic usage will improve your mat Pilates workout as well as your general fitness routine.

What is a Pilates reformer?

Designed by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Reformers provide resistance to working all your body muscles. It is made from a carriage that has a sliding platform supported by an adjustable spring. The spring provides muscle-shifting stability while assisting in stretches. Pilates is an effective exercise tool and helps in improving strength and endurance. This reformer is a versatile machine that allows a complete exercise routine in less than half an hour.

Final verdict

The best Pilate reformer overall is the Merrithew XPS Reformer because of the large number of available functions, an adjustable design, a smooth rolling mechanism, and a mid-range price. Nonetheless, a Stamina Aeropilates Reformer287 trainer is another very good investment. Meet the Expert Toby Rivera teaches pilates and yoga in Seattle. She graduated from Pacific Lutheran College as an undergraduate in biology.


When browsing pilates reformers be careful about your footbar. Most allow you to change positions to control intensity and most have locking mechanisms that allow you to use only your arms. There is a pair of bar feet that can target hips, legs from different angles. What is an effective Pilates reformation system and why are its uses important? How do I utilize my pilates reformer depends on how much time I spend working. This is an important thing to remember before starting.


Springs are another characteristic of Reformers because it causes them to create tensions. The pilate machines have 5 springs at various pressure levels which allow adjustment in the intensity level. It's normally colourcoded, enabling you to make quick changes without having to reference the manuals. The spring is rounded so there are no potential dents.


Choosing the right reformer can be tricky and it has many aspects. Because you'll sit and lie down on the platform you'll need something with padding. The design that doesn't slip is also important because this helps to maintain you as you roll. Several of the carriages are also wider or feature extended seats for people in different sizes.

GQ's expert Pilates panel

GQ asked experts from the Pilates industry what they liked about their favorite Pilates reformer. Our panel consists of the following: Anaya Grover of Men Do Pilates, Cynthia Young from Share Pilates Studio, Frederika Cairo from VITA boutique fitness studio and Maite Brinnes von Melle.

What should I look for when buying a Pilates reformer?

It's essential that a Pilates reformer has a silent, easy-to-use design that can easily transition between exercise and recovery. The physiotherapist explains what she can buy when comparing different Pilates Reformers.

What's the best Pilates reformer for 2022?

The GQ editors have selected 8 best Pilates reformers for the year 2022 based around expert Pilates trainer expertise and expert advice. This quick Hitt-like round-up highlights our favorite picks here.

Which Reformer Pilates is best?

Here is a selection of Pilates reformators. The '' Stamina AeroPilates pro XP 556 Reformers on = = = = Is this the cheapest option to have? "... Merrithew SPX Max with Reformers from Walmart. ... Best Advance: Among them: Best studios... Best in smaller spaces. Folds are great. Best Overall: Stamina AeroPilates PRO 556 REFORM. Amazon. ' Weider Ultimate Bodywork on Amazon. ... Best Savings: Meredith SPX Max Plus Reformer at Walmarts. ... A notch up... Best Bundles:. Top Studio-Grade :... I recommend small space:...... What's a great folding bag?

Is it worth buying a Pilates Reformer?

It helps build smaller core muscles as well as stretch longer muscles. I also noticed that many of my client's postures had changed as the result of the Reformer classes.

Can reformer Pilates be done at home?

Then it's time for a Pilates workout. You'll continue to stretch and strengthen your full body while working on your posture.

What is best Pilates at home?

Top online Pilates courses. Best in Total Pilates. Budget fit. Best Variety: Studio SWEAT. Best for Beginners: Gloss. Best for heart health, HOUSE work, Best for daily exercise - Melissa Wood Health. Top of the range: Pilates & Yoga Therapy. Best Budget: FitOn. Best Variety: Studios SWEAT. Best for Beginners: Gloves. The most effective cardio exercise in the house. What's the best workout routine?

Are Pilates machines effective?

Reformer Pilates helps to improve and maintain overall physical fitness. Pilates reformation is the best tool for people wanting to enhance fitness.

Can you do Pilates reformer at home?

Although most Pilates Reformer Exercises are easily performed without tools, others include accessories including towels, light dumbbells, and sliders. Scroll up and see what exercises you can try at home.

Is 30 minutes of Pilates a day enough?

For a majority of people a 15-minute Pilates workout will suffice. Generally speaking, this should take 20 minutes three times a week. It is possible you'll need to prolong your routine for more than a few minutes when you become comfortable with your daily schedule.

What equipment is needed for at home Pilates?

There are not many tools needed to practice Pilates on your own, just a mat, the correct clothing and the right amount of room for exercise. Once your Pilates knowledge is developed you can add more exercises to your repertoire including weights and resistance bands. Pilates Reformer:

Is 20 minutes of Pilates a day enough?

How much time should we spend at Pilates? I think it is ok to do some good workouts. Having the proper training for Pilates takes about 20 minutes a day. It would make sense if you did nothing but Pilates.

Which is better Pilates mat or reformer?

For nearly all positions on the reformer, you may perform basic or advanced movements. Unlike mat training, the Reformer provides an incredibly difficult strength training exercise with quicker results.

Can you do Reformer Pilates at home?

Although Pilates Reformers can be performed without tools, many can include accessories like towels, light weights or sliders for a workout. Scroll down to try something new in a Pilates class.

What can I use instead of a Pilates Reformer?

Pilates includes warm-ups, so grab the mat at the beginning of the workout. The light resistance band can also help you make the movement harder.

Can Pilates be done at home?

Pilates classes are popular as low-impact yet powerful workouts and you can do them on-line.

Is Pilates good for PCOS?

Exercises involving the mind can reduce stress and increase the chance that PCOS will worsen.

Can reformer Pilates be done at home?

Then it's time for a Pilates workout. You'll continue to stretch and strengthen your full body while working on your posture.

Are Pilates machines effective?

Reformer Pilates helps to improve and maintain overall physical fitness. Pilates reformation is the best tool for people wanting to enhance fitness.


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